We’re Releasing an E-Book!

It’s Chloe from Beatroot here and I have exciting news to share with you. We’re strong believers that the Internet is the greatest tool musicians and record labels have at their disposal. Can you confidently navigate the minefield of social networking, SEO and memes in the music industry? This is where our big news can … Continued

Beatroot HQ: March Update

Hi BeatrootHQ readers. It’s Chloe with our latest platform updates! Mobile Friendly Public Pages We understand the need to be able to work from your mobile is only getting greater. With that in mind, we have made all public pages mobile friendly. This will allow users to share their repertoire safe in the knowledge that no matter … Continued

Beatroot: February Update

Hello BeatrootHQ readers. It’s Chloe back with our February Update, enjoy! Playlist Pagination: We’ve made a few changes to the way a playlist will display a large number of tracks. Rather than a larger list of tracks it will now display up to 50 tracks and then feature a ‘Load more’ button; allowing users to load … Continued

What We’ve Been Working On

Hi BeatrootHQ readers, It’s Chloe. I’m back with everything we’ve been working on recently! Individual track links: One of the biggest and most useful features we’ve implemented is an individual track view. The track view is gives Beatroot users the ability to share any track externally using a secure link. This can be generated instantly displaying … Continued

We Need a Developer to Join the Beatroot Team!

About us, Beatroot Music Beatroot is an all-powerful catalogue management tool for the music industry it automatically tags metadata for tracks and artists using algorithms and the industry’s data in order to improve the process of finding, curating and sharing music – all that presented with a beautiful and powerful interface. We are a collaboration … Continued

Famous For What?

Every now and then here at Beatroot HQ we will get sent a mixtape (we can’t do anything with this, please stop sending them!). But it did get me thinking, how do people become successful these days? The days of poorly recorded mixtapes with tracklists and cover art created in word, sent out to every … Continued

The Latest Update from BeatrootHQ!

Hello BeatrootHQ blog readers, it’s Chloe here with everything we’ve released this week! Drag and Drop releases into playlists We’ve made it even easier to add the tracks you want to your playlists. You can now drag and drop whole releases onto the playlist of your choice and the whole release will be added automatically. … Continued

Meet Beatroots New Best Friend, An Update

Hello BeatrootHQ blog readers, Chloe here delivering the much anticipated update of what we’ve been working on (and all the shiny new features). I’ll cut straight to the chase, I’d like to introduce you to Beatroots new best friend. The Beatroot uploader is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to upload repertoire into a Beatroot account. We made … Continued

Did you Receive a Sparkly Surprise from us?

If you’re reading this, you most likely received a sparkly package in the post; we hope you like it as much as we’ve enjoyed sending it to you. Your gift is a tangram, and for those who immediately tipped the pieces out before realising you don’t know how to put them back together, we’ve included … Continued