A Musicians Guide: YouTube Basics

YouTube is the Internet’s second biggest search engine. With the highest ranking, Google also maintaining a strong bias towards the platforms content, always giving it the premium real estate on the results screen. As well as this 37% of the British population are listening to music on youtube compared to 14% on Spotify free. When used … Continued

A Musicians Guide: Know Your Statistics

We’ve discussed before how social media can be a vital part of any musicians road to success but how are you supposed to know if you’re succeeding? Growing and staying relevant online is an ongoing, iterative process and you’ll never be ‘finished’. It will require a bit of trial and error as you learn about … Continued

A Musicians Guide to Keywords

When it comes to search engine rankings, the most famous person wins; A.K.A the person who gets the most searches for their chosen keywords. 
By investing time, little and often, you’ll build and maintain a presence that Google deems necessary to rank highly. What’s a keyword? A keyword is a word or phrase that you … Continued

The July Update

Chloe here with a few new exciting enhancements and an update of everything we’ve been working on at Beatroot HQ. Organisational Playlists The biggest change we’ve released is organisational playlists, making inter-team collaboration simple! Beatroot users can now see playlists from their team within the same organisation by going to the “playlist” tab. We hope you enjoy … Continued

Streaming for Starters

Since the dawn of Spotify the music industry has been skeptical about streaming. The notion that the developers in top streaming businesses earn 5-10 times the industry average whilst the artists creating the tracks earn 100 ths of a penny per play seems ridiculous. However, is it possible this is a better deal for artists than conventional … Continued

Beatroot HQ: June Update

Hello Beatroot HQ followers. It’s Chloe and I’m back with our latest platform update! ‘Date added’ Search Filter Users can now search your catalogue using the new ‘Date Added’ search filter. This filter will allow them to select two dates and view the tracks and releases added to their Beatroot account within that period. Sort by Date … Continued

Do Musicians Need Social Media?

Social media is the direct link between you and your audience. It metaphorically bridges the barrier gap between stage and crowd. It makes an artist seem human, relatable. For those willing to make a change and invest the necessary time and effort into their online presence, they’ll find it becomes the most efficient way to develop … Continued

The musicians guide: Our Top 5 Tips for Website Optimisation

Having an optimised website can mean a lot of things. Good SEO, large following or even high sales. The truth is they are all interlinked. The better the website, the higher you rank and the more likely you are to be discovered as an artist as well as to have people find the correct and … Continued

Let me Break it Down!

It’s getting nearer with only one week until our much-anticipated e-book is launched! This week, we’re sharing an exclusive insight of what’s covered in the book: What do you need? – Back to basics; we cover an exhaustive list of which online tools, accounts and networks you need to be investing in, as well as … Continued

How can Artists be Found Online?

Hello Beatroot readers, it’s Chloe and our e-book is only two weeks away. In the run up to the launch we thought we’d share some snippets with you of what’s in the book (as well as share a few tips and tricks). Google Trends Google Trends is a tool to help you find the most popular … Continued