Intuitive Navigation – The header and left hand column are the same on every page, which means key functionality, such as search, playlist building and media player are always available – reducing the time it takes a new user to get up and running.

Layered Data – The Beatroot platform creates and stores a huge amount of track and artist data. To avoid information overload this data is only presented when it’s relevant and can bring value to the user.

Song Waveform – Beatroot automatically generates the waveform for every track so it’s easy to jump to, and reference, the break points to clients.

Brandable – customise the platform’s look to make it an extension of your brand.


No Uploads – We process all the tracks in your catalogue, but we never store a copy of your most valuable asset, so you keep control of it at all times.

Fully Secure –We naturally decrypt and encrypt passwords, use high-grade SSL certificates, and Heroku for security and provisioning.

All Formats – Beatroot works with a wide range of formats, so you can store, distribute and stream your music using anything from WAV to MP3.


Site Wide Password Protection – Access to the Beatroot platform and your catalogue is protected by a user account and password.
Assign Roles –You can decide what your team and clients can view, edit and administer simply by assigning them roles.

Bulk Upload, Micro Editing – To minimize your workload you can bulk upload your catalogue, do group updates (e.g. assign rights to all of a particular artists tracks) or change individual fields for a single track (e.g. change the genre tags).


Publisher and Contributor – Beatroot simplifies the adding, updating, searching and presentation of publishing and contributor rights, including publishing splits (%).

Territories – Easily input and manage publishing and recording territories, and view using a map interface.

Easy Access – Find and amend relevant data, such as ISRC’s, commissioning territory and variations. 


Automatic Metadata Generation – Beatroot can take your whole music catalogue and automatically generate tags. 

Data Aggregation – Beatroot automatically brings together data about tracks, artists and releases using our unique algorithms, as well as industry-leading music data.

Social Media – Through Beatroot, you can see this critical indicator of an artist’s popularity – their Twitter followers, Facebook likes and YouTube hits, amongst others – alongside all other data. 

Artwork and Video – Every artist and release is accompanied by photos, artwork and a bio to make every page a true representation of your asset.

Editable Fields – All the metadata fields can be edited by approved users to continually improve the quality and accuracy of data.

Customisable Tagging – Add tags to tracks, artists and releases so you and your clients can quickly locate them. 


Advanced Filtering – Search by a single criteria such as BPM, lyrics, meaning, era, genre; or search using multiple criteria to find such all 80’s songs which mention summer, include a saxophone and a BPM rate above 114.

More Like This – Discover and cluster artists/tracks to make accurate and relevant recommendations.

Save Search Profiles – Once you have created a search profile with multiple criteria you can save it for future use.


Drag and Drop Playlists – favourite or relevant tracks can be dragged and dropped into one or more playlist from any page.

Unlimited Playlists – users can compile an unlimited number of playlists. They can be based on genre, clients or even
Playlist Search – You and your team can build hundreds of playlists, so it is critical you can instantly locate a particular playlist when you need it.

Duplicate Playlists – playlists can be duplicated, renamed and edited

Playlist Sharing – playlists can easily be shared with an internal team, with clients and anyone else you choose to share the link with.


Create a Project – A project page can be formatted to include a single track or whole playlist, images, text, lyrics and videos. Just search tracks and upload artwork to start. Videos can be embedded from YouTube or any other video hosting service.

Improved Sync – The project management capability gives you complete control over the sync process. You can quickly find the perfect track, add it to a project page with a description and images, and instantly share it.

Client Engagement – Clients and team members can add comments directly to a project, creating a clear audit trail for every proposal.