YouTube is the Internet’s second biggest search engine. With the highest ranking, Google also maintaining a strong bias towards the platforms content, always giving it the premium real estate on the results screen. As well as this 37% of the British population are listening to music on youtube compared to 14% on Spotify free. When used properly it can be one of the best tools for boosting the profile of an act and directing people in spending their money.

Create Videos

For every track that is produced by an artist, there will be ten pirate copies uploaded to YouTube. Making a simple video for each track is useful in preventing this. However, ensure that you’ve weighed up budget vs benefit. Invest your time in tagging and follow YouTube video optimisation best practices to ensure that you rank above the pirated videos. If the budget cannot justify the benefit in doing a full video, upload a lyric video or a still image of album artwork with the track overlaid.


Identifying and inputting effective keywords for your content on YouTube is a must. To discover what should be your keywords read our previous blogpost. Once you’ve established what keywords to use we recommend tagging your content with them, including them in the biography of your channel as well as ensuring the songs lyrics are within the description of each video. Within any video description also be sure to add all of the links to your social accounts and website, making it simpler for potential fans to engage with more of your content and potentially send money. All of this will will help you to rank highly within YouTube and Google above rips and fan created videos.

Keep Viewers on Your Content

The key to becoming a success on YouTube is keeping fans on your channel; the YouTube experience can be distracting towards other content (the “suggestions” feature). To counteract this, utilise YouTubes auto play feature by creating playlists solely of your own videos so there is natural progression from video to video, without losing users.


Find musical influencers (yes, they’re a thing). YouTubers such as TheNeedleDrop (1.1 million subscribers) have gained their music loving followers through YouTube and blogs, but their following spreads to streaming and discovery services such as Cymbal.The best way to find influencers is through YouTube and Google. Look for reviews of some bands similar to you and make a note of the people you think would rate you positively or that have larger followings. We’d recommend contacting and reaching out to these influencers and ask to be included in their playlists or for the to review your latest work. As always when reaching out, make sure you do your research on the influencer, keep your approach targeted and contextual and position yourself as adding value to their own brand.

How to Get Rid of the Fakes

YouTube has a handy tool called the YouTube content ID. This allows you to upload all of your music and it will alert you whenever your music is used. Even tracking remixes and bad audio variations. It will they give you the option to leave, remove or earn from the content. This will help to make sure you’re in control.

The key to optimising YouTube is simply using it. Rather than firefighting all of the ripped copies of your work, have your official work uploaded, tagged and optimised. To find out more on YouTube and social media for musicians get our free e-book ‘101 Tips For Artist Success in The Digital World’ by signing up below:

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