We’ve discussed before how social media can be a vital part of any musicians road to success but how are you supposed to know if you’re succeeding?

Growing and staying relevant online is an ongoing, iterative process and you’ll never be ‘finished’. It will require a bit of trial and error as you learn about the most effective way to engage with your audience, but you will find content and schedules that work for you. The best way todo this is by having clear goals and tracking your progress.

There are multiple tools to track progress. Dependent on which social media networks you choose to focus on will determine which tools are best for you. Some of the simplest we find helpful are Google analytics, Mention and Twitter analytics. All of these serve a different purpose but collectively create a view of your online presence.

Google analytics:

It may look complicated but Google Analytics at a basic level is very simple. it will tell you information like how many users you’ve had visit your site and where they’re coming from. It can display more complicated information like tracking conversions (good for tracking online sales) but it isn’t something you need yo worry about perfecting in the early days. It simply means it’s an analytics platform that can grow and develop with your fan base.

Twitter analytics:

Obviously this tracking tool only assesses your Twitter engagement but if this is your biggest platform for fan engagement, it’s perfect. It will help you determine what type of content is working for you through the ‘Top Tweet’ section. It will also help you assess your growth and reach through a month- by-month run down.


Mention is an e-mail notification service that will give you a daily report of everywhere across the Internet you are being mentioned. If you’ve ignored our second point and have an obscure name this may not be the tool for you. However for everyone else it is perfect for making sure you aren’t missing any news, reviews, or potential PR disasters about yourself.

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