Hello Beatroot HQ followers. It’s Chloe and I’m back with our latest platform update!

‘Date added’ Search Filter

Users can now search your catalogue using the new ‘Date Added’ search filter. This filter will allow them to select two dates and view the tracks and releases added to their Beatroot account within that period.

Sort by Date Added

Users can sort and order artists, tracks and releases by ‘Date Added’; quickly order their catalogue by the date the repertoire was added to their Beatroot account. This feature will help them find their latest track in one click, or re-discover the older repertoire in the next.

Playlist Ordering

Users now have the ability to order playlists by ‘Name’, ‘Last Updated’ and ‘Date Added’. This can help them discover and utilise their playlists with ease.

Infinite scroll

Infinite scroll means no more pressing “next page”, users can now seamlessly scroll through all of their tracks and releases. To sort, they can use both the expanded track view and the list view (including sorting/ordering) as well as the alphabetical pagination.

Thanks for reading!