Social media is the direct link between you and your audience. It metaphorically bridges the barrier gap between stage and crowd. It makes an artist seem human, relatable. For those willing to make a change and invest the necessary time and effort into their online presence, they’ll find it becomes the most efficient way to develop a loyal fan base, as well as acquiring new fans. What social channels you choose will affect the potential audience but each have their merits. First things first:

You need a website

Now, this is a big topic. Building an effective and optimised website can be a lengthy process. Luckily for you we’ve written a whole blog post on our top tips here.

Failing Creating a Website? Tumblr Will Do.

Now that there are multiple tools to eliminate the ‘’ from the URL, a Tumblr page is a quick and easy option when you’re busy setting up. Tumblr also allows you to create pages easily and connect directly with potential and existing fans by re-blogging their content directly onto your site.

The 1975 use Tumblr as an alternative to a conventional website.


Twitter is an entire marketing platform in itself, and whilst we could write an e-book on how to use Twitter, we’ll keep this point focused on how Twitter relates to being discovered online. What many bands don’t know is that Twitter is taken into consideration for Google’s optimized knowledge panels (the Twitter feed itself shows up). By having this as a part of the knowledge base, fans gain an immediate insight into the type of content you put out and it’s a highly effective method for gaining followers. The platform itself also allows for you to display a website link on your profile. This is perfect for creating backlinks and creating a better standing for your actual website.


Facebook has fast become the globe’s biggest and most authoritative media empire. With so many integrations it has become the biggest platform for sharing. It is key for word of mouth influence and sharing updates! Posts are becoming viral because of this website more than any other. If you can tap into the right type of content for your audience on this site you will reach your biggest potential audience. Facebook also works in your favour allowing you to create musician specific ‘Like’ pages. Here you can integrate with your official ticket store and merchandiser, allowing fans to buy directly through the ‘Like’ page. They will receive post notifications on their homepage whenever these integrations are updated.


YouTube is the Internet’s second biggest search engine after Google and one worth paying attention to. Ignore what you hear about it stealing artists’ money. When used properly it can be one of the best tools in boosting the profile of an act and directing people in spending their money. We go into this more in-depth later on in this article but the key to optimizing YouTube is simply using it. Rather than firefighting all of the ripped copies of your work, have your official work uploaded. Tag it correctly, add it to playlists, have all of your links in the description and monetize all of your work.


“Artists are using Instagram as a companion to the art that they’re making,”- Jonathon Hull, Instagrams Head of Music Partnerships is completely right, and the platform is continually working towards being beneficial for musicians. In 2015 it launched @music in the hope of promoting up and coming musicians by presenting its 2 million followers with small insights into artists. 300 million people use Instagram and according to company statistics more than 25% of the most popular accounts belong to musicians. So it’s in everyone’s interest they do well. It’s also one of the best places for building band image and themes. Whether a band uses it as a personal posting space or they have a joint artist account, it is one of the easiest platforms to connect with fans and to grow a following.


Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to do that much in terms of connecting with fans; but when it comes to search engine ranking it is essential. Correctly linking your website to your Google+ account, talking about relevant stories that include your keywords or even adding influential people to your circles can really boost how Google ranks your websites relevancy. Ultimately leading to you appearing higher in search results.

Bands in Town

Bands in town is a platform that allows you to input all of your touring information as well as linking to your ticketing provider. It is essential in getting a tour date carousel on a google. It is also very easy to embed into a website in order to maximize traffic and sales.

Music Brainz

Music Brainz describes itself as a music metadata encyclopedia. As a new artist (or especially if you’re an established artist) it’s worth having as it can be essential in tracking where songs are being used. Metadata is becoming increasingly important in the industry due to the technology boom and streaming revolution we are in the midst of, so anything you can put in place to keep track of your music, you’ll thank yourself for later.

Link All of Your Social Accounts

Google will recognize all the social accounts and websites as part of a bands entity. To properly penetrate Google rankings and gain maximum visibility, the best way to do this is to link all of these accounts back to the official website, giving you further authority and validity.

More Tips!
This is a good starting point in your artist journey of tackling the digital world but there’s so much more that can help you get the recognition you deserve. For more tips and tricks on how to navigate the mine field of memes, followers and fake news check out our free e-book ‘101 Tips for Artist Success in the Digital World’ by registering below. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to get in touch via