Hello Beatroot readers, it’s Chloe and our e-book is only two weeks away. In the run up to the launch we thought we’d share some snippets with you of what’s in the book (as well as share a few tips and tricks).

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool to help you find the most popular topics on the Internet to comment on, to help you increase engagement. By searching the band’s own name, it can become a tool to see what people are searching for around you. When using another band’s name, it is great for inspiration and to see what people search for around them.

Artists Entity

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Free at First
Free at first works in a similar fashion to exclusive content. If you use Bandcamp, there is an option to ‘pay what you want’ – this allows fans to name their price for your music. It’s a great tactic that allows you to offer exclusive content to your superfans for a limited time, as well as boosting the profile of a single or album release. Buying repertoire is slowly becoming obsolete – the importance of consciously directing your listeners and fans towards physical media and streaming is becoming ever more crucial.

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We hope you’re as excited to read the book, as we are to share it with you!