Hi BeatrootHQ readers. It’s Chloe with our latest platform updates!

Mobile Friendly Public Pages
We understand the need to be able to work from your mobile is only getting greater. With that in mind, we have made all public pages mobile friendly. This will allow users to share their repertoire safe in the knowledge that no matter what device the recipient is using, they will be able to access it.

Scenery iPhone 6-6s - 131 - 21-03-2017, 14-07 Scenery iPhone 6-6s - 93 - 21-03-2017, 14-07

General Comments
We have created a link between your Beatroot account and the “general comments’ field in MP3’s that users download. When editing the ‘general comments’ section from within a track, the metadata will appear in the ‘comments’ section of the track when it is downloaded as an MP3. Users can apply the same message to multiple tracks via collections (as shown in the gif below).

general comments

Uploader Update
We’ve made some big changes to the Beatroot Uploader. We’ve added a a number of new fields, allowing you to accurately enter all of your track and release information before it is added to your Beatroot account. The additional fields include:

  • Sub title
  • Contributors and writers (including their splits within the tracks)
  • Tags (general, genre)
  • Instrumental type
  • Visible in search results?
  • ISRC, ISWC, PRS tunecode
  • Internal notes
  • Release Type
  • Release Date
  • Catalogue number
  • UPC
  • Represented rights
  • Recording Rights
  • Publishing Rights

new uploader

Improved Track Search
Last, but certainly not least, we have given the track search a complete overhaul. We’ve made the individual track search similar to the advanced search that users all know (and love!) on the homepage. This has made the search more intuitive and buildable; it will streamline the track selection process.

track search

Thanks for reading!