Hello BeatrootHQ readers. It’s Chloe back with our February Update, enjoy!

Playlist Pagination:
We’ve made a few changes to the way a playlist will display a large number of tracks. Rather than a larger list of tracks it will now display up to 50 tracks and then feature a ‘Load more’ button; allowing users to load another 50. We believe it will help Beatroot users to read and utilise the playlist much more easily, as well as enhances the speed and performance.


Updated Rights:
We have rearranged the rights fields to make it cleaner and simpler to input data. We’ve also added represented recording and represented publishing rights fields giving users the ability to add all of the information they could need. This information will get it’s own intelligent map displaying the information given.


We have also created the ability to add an imprint to content. Users can manage imprints within their account settings.

Thanks for reading!