Beatroot is a music intelligence platform, powering better discovery for listeners

It does this by analysing entire catalogues of recordings, obtaining the anatomy of every track; BPM, key, intensity and even meaning.

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  1. Insight, Personalisation and Search with Super Powers

    Beatroot offers unrivalled audio analysis and insight. Able to catalogue millions of tracks, "anatomising" each one, Beatroot provides incredibly accurate discovery and drilldown across entire catalogues.
  2. Labels, Publishers, Streaming Services and Retailers

    We're here for you. Beatroot's effective analysis, cataloguing and discovery tools help labels better leverage their back catalogue and help streaming services better engage their listeners.
  3. Effortless Integration, across all your services

    Tapping into the Beatroot ecosystem is a doddle. Exposing the full power of Beatroot, our API provides you with the tools you need to make your application rich, relevant and engaging for your users.

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