Introducing Beatroot Sync

Successful music licensing is about finding relevant tracks, responding rapidly and building long term relationships. Beatroot is a music intelligence platform for your catalogue, beautifully designed to make this stuff easy.

Automatic Metadata

Save a huge amount of time by automatically processing any size music catalogue to create a rich set of data for every track and artist. This complex data is presented in a beautiful way to make it really valuable to you and your clients.

Build long lasting relationships

Once you have found one or more relevant tracks you can instantly send them to your client in a beautifully presented Project page.

Simply drag and drop tracks, videos, images and text onto a single page to make it easy for a supervisor to understand your pitch.

Easily monitor which tracks your client listens to and enable them to give instant feedback to greatly improve your chance of success.

Rights Management, simplified…

Tracking and managing rights is a tedious and time consuming headache that nobody enjoys! Beatroot changes that. Make territorial and publishing rights easy to manage, search and update so you can provide your clients with accurate data every time.

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